Hello! I'm Joyce Smith, English professor-turned-photographer-turned-photographer's-new-best-friend. When I was working on my Ph.D. in English literature and teaching freshman composition, I never imagined that I'd eventually bring my love of grammar, syntax, and all that other stuff that makes your head hurt to my career as a photographer. It quickly became obvious to me, however, that clear communication is paramount to creating a "good faith" working relationship with clients. Not to mention the fact that--let's face it--writing is hard. I've always found it interesting that even gifted writers often loathe the laborious act of putting pen to paper or, even worse, staring at the dreaded blinking cursor. Experience writer's block or frustration as you struggle for the right words no longer! Click on the home page to peruse our selection of documents and guides (ever expanding!) that will make your life as a photographer infinitely easier and oh-so-eloquent . . . today!