If I need assistance after reading this page, what's the e-mail address?

Please send an e-mail to Joyce at the following address:


Responses to technical difficulties will typically arrive within 24 hours, usually sooner. Those e-mails inquiring about overarching philosophies of client dealings and the meaning of life will take considerably longer. Thank you!

How do I pay?

During checkout you'll have the opportunity to pay via PayPal account or with credit card through PayPal. Please note that if you choose to pay by PayPal e-check that there will be a delay in receiving your links.  They'll arrive automatically just as soon as the e-check has cleared. In extreme cases of PayPal aversion, you may contact Joyce to pay via check or credit card through another merchant. Receiving your links will be understandably delayed in these cases.

What if I have a coupon code?

Please enter your code in the provided box at checkout and your discount will be reflected.

What software do I need to view and edit WordSmith files?

Adobe Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, and CS5, as well as Adobe Photoshop Elements are suitable for editing any of the .psd files that arrive as part of your WordSmith purchase.  If the set you selected also includes a PDF, you'll need any of a number of PDF readers; there is almost always one included free with your computer, be it a form of Adobe Reader, Mac Preview, etc. Text files, such as the {what to write} e-mails, arrive in .rtf format and are similarly readable through common text readers every computer likely has. In cases where editable .psd files are to be turned into your own PDF for clients (for example, {what to wear}), Adobe CS2 or higher is recommended, or you may use a free program such as Cute PDF to create the final document.

When will I receive my order?

A link to your purchases (all digital downloads) will be sent automatically upon purchase; whether we are away from the computer or on vacation, never fear!  We at WordSmith are big fans of instant gratification and middle-of-the-night shopping sprees.  We understand.

Help! I didn't receive my link!

Please check your spam folder first. Please, please, please. If it is not there, then feel free to commence panicking and let us know. We will get your links to you in a jiffy if they have gone missing in cyberspace.

Are the links big?  

For the most part, yes they are.  PDF documents or text files intended for reading are smaller, while editable, layered .psd files are quite large and will take a bit of time to download to your computer. 

May I buy just part of a set?

No. Individual templates within WordSmith sets are not available separately.

Do I receive all text with the guides, and can I use it?

Why, of course!  This is WordSmith . . . where text is always included, well-written, and designed to make you look fabulous to your clients.

Will I receive the fonts with my purchase?

While many of the fonts within WordSmith guides are standard and likely came bundled with your version of Photoshop, not all fonts will be included.  As such, in an editable file you may need to substitute a different font (which you would often wish to do anyway, to reflect your own brand and the fonts used therein) or, if you prefer, purchase the font we've used from its designer. This issue does not pertain to those instances where you are simply reading, rather than editing, a WordSmith guide.

Are all sales final?

Yes. Because of the nature of electronic files, all sales are final.  The utmost care is taken to describe products fully so that purchasers have an excellent idea of what to expect.  Describe thoroughly, but ultimately underpromise and overdeliver is the motto here at WordSmith and countless testimonials tell us that we're succeeding on that front.  Whew!

If there's a printable element to a set, where do I print?

Most WordSmith products that include printables are suitable for a multitude of labs, but specific recommendations are included with your purchase, of course.

I can just put this stuff up on my website, right?

Not exactly. Please do not post any of the photos or verbiage in the guides on a public portion of your website. If you'd like to include a {what to wear} guide on a password-protected portion of your blog and only clients receive the password, for example, then of course that's okay.  We've received many an e-mail from a WordSmith customer who was annoyed to find another photographer unwittingly "sharing" the entire contents on his or her blog.  These e-mails really bum us out and we'd love never to receive them!

Can I take the information in the guides, repackage it or change it slightly, and sell it myself?

Any guesses on the answer to this one? Anyone? Bueller? Of course the answer is a resounding no. 

Can I go halfsies with a friend? 

Please respect our work and livelihood by refusing to share any portion of these files. We enjoy paying our mortgages and feeding our children and would love for that trend to continue. And yes, we know that halfsies isn't a real word.

Do you offer workshops or consulting?

As schedule permits, I offer the in-person 2-day workshop, an {extra}ordinary workshop, and plans are in the works to bring online workshops and consulting into the fold very, very soon!