{all about minis}: the complete set

$60.00 USD

{all about minis}: the quick-start guide to implementing profitable mini sessions while protecting your brand (and time!)

WordSmith’s {all about minis} is made up of two distinct parts and both are included in this purchase:
1) the pricing and printables: complete pricing and collection information for a successful mini-session offering. Suitable for seasonal minis, limited edition minis, or year-round offerings, these prices have proven successful in Joyce’s studio for four years. Also included in the set--which is customizable and printable as a beautiful 5x7 wide format folded card--is a second set with complete pricing at a moderate price point. As a bonus you’ll find a printable postcard reminder to clients and complete card pricing options.
2) the behind-the-scenes peek: six sample mini sessions (EXIF data included) in a variety of settings and age ranges accompanied by just over 45 minutes of videos. The narrated videos show Joyce’s screen as she walks you through both her mini session offerings as well as the sample sessions, along the way sharing valuable tips, potential pitfalls, and more (always with the goals of profitability and client satisfaction in mind!).
Whether you are just starting a mini session program or wish to learn more about how another pro approaches these short and sweet offerings, you will find much to love in {all about minis}!
Part 1, again, includes a set of pricing and collection cards printable as a 5x7 wide format folded card or customizable as 5x7 flat cards. A bonus postcard reminder and card pricing suggestions are also included.  Discussion of setting up a mini session program, keeping it distinct from one's regular session offerings, and shooting/selling successful minis is included in Part 2, the behind-the-scenes peek videos.
{all about minis}: the complete set


{all about minis}: the complete set {all about minis}: the complete set