ask me anything event archive video download

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Did you miss the March 2014 "ask me anything" event?  The archive is here to save the day!  Go behind the scenes at Joyce Smith Photography without traveling to Philadelphia (though we'd really love to have you sometime).

Learn how Joyce has created and sustained the area's top modern children's portrait studio for the past eight years.  While we all adore wildly creative, elaborately staged sessions at times, Joyce focuses on creating art for real clients on a day-to-day basis and profiting from those images--making the ordinary extraordinary.

How does it work? The original attendees of this online event gathered their "ask me anything" questions for Joyce . . . and they truly did ask anything and everything!  Next, Joyce answered each question using screen capture technology and voiceover to illustrate points via sharing photos, real sessions, client sales, the editing process, or anything at all.

Now, the series of voiceover videos (just five minutes shy of four hours altogether) are available for anyone who missed the event.  Even better, you'll be able to see below exactly which questions were asked and tackled by Joyce.

Think of it as the best round table discussion ever, and you get to eavesdrop. Rewatch the videos whenever you like and learn from everyone's questions.

All videos will be delivered instantly via digital download upon purchase.

A note from Joyce:
No, I do not wear a red cape and boots.  But I am like Superman in the sense that I never lie. And I am incapable of b.s. answers.  So when I said "ask me anything," I meant it, and I vowed that you wouldn't receive an amalgamation of fluff and half-truths in return!  :)

Wondering what we covered?  Here's just a small sample of the real questions asked and answered.


My questions are all pretty much related to change in the industry which has become so over saturated in the past couple of years. After over 6 years there are many more shoot and burn photographers out there now then ever before. And some actually have talent but are giving away their work. 

How have you handled this in your market in terms of setting yourself apart and competing with all these new cheap photographers? 

How do you price your digital images? Have you needed to adjust that rate in the past year or so? Can people just buy the CD or do they have to buy a package?

How do you handle inquiries that are basically " hi I'm interested in a session, how much is the CD?"

Do you offer any incentives and/or referral program to keep your clients loyal?

Have you networked with or partnered up with any local businesses in town?

Do you offer any package for maternity/newborn or babies first year? 

I'm trying to figure out how I really should be grossing and netting as a full-time family portrait photography only--with no secondary income coming from a photography related business. From your experience in the field, what do you think are the average numbers? If you share what you make, that'd be great but it's a bit nosy, so feel free not to answer. But more importantly, I'm wondering if you could name 5 to 10 successful studios-whether brick and mortar or even in-home where there is no secondary photography related business; they are not Rock Stars on the speaking circut-they're simply doing a great job of running a photography business. I'd like to delve a bit deeper into the successes of these studios. 

What do you say to the little ones to get them to be relaxed with you!

And how do you get them to smile naturally?

What edits do you use on the images.

How many images do you normally show to clients

Do you use any actions on the images

With regards to newborns, do you send out any information to the parents to prepare them for the session? 

And if you do, what information do you send them.

Is your infant session within the first two weeks of birth?

What is your sequence with regards to taking infant images? do you start with the sibling shots, then then the parents? and lastly the infant.

Are all your shots mostly with the infant in wraps?

Do you use any props?

How do you price your session? 

Do you shoot slightly overexposed ? 

What editing tools do you use?

Do you store your images on online portal or with hard drives?

How long do you keep your client's images?

How do you advertised when you first started out as a photographer?

Do you do in person sale when it is time to show the clients your images for the session?

What are your favorite lenses for infant session, for children portraiture and for family portraits? 

Do you use a custom white balance during the session?

If you do, do you just use a gray card or do you use custom white balance tools

What type of packaging do you use for large prints and canvas? 

When you first started out, do you offer free sessions for portfolio building?

What type of model release form do you use for you session? 

Do you offer client the choice to opt out of showing their images on line?

What book/reference book do you recommend for photography?

Do you recommend any online sites or course for photographers?

How long do you session last for family portraiture and for infant sessions?

What type of information do you normally provide for clients before a session (more so for the family portrait session)?

How do you get your maternity/newborn clients to keep coming back and becoming repeat clients?

Do you offer a baby plan? 

Do you have any suggestions for branching out into senior portraits?

How can I create images that tell a story instead of just showing a cute kid?

How can I learn to build a relationship with clients and not let my
nerves get in the way? (especially if the client is very wealthy and demanding)

Do you ever turn down work if the client is too high maintenance from the start?

How can I create images that tell a story instead of just showing a cute kid?

How can you maintain a steady flow of new and repeat clients in THIS pathetic market?


ask me anything event archive video download


ask me anything event archive video download ask me anything event archive video download