$40.00 USD
"Are you getting anything?" 
"We weren't able to get the house perfect before the session."
"We don't know what's going on . . . they never act this way!" 

Have you heard these statements during your sessions? A million times, you say? And just as many times you've reassured clients that, yes, we are getting "something" and that beautiful images will result from their session despite ALL appearances to the contrary? 

Rather than waiting until the session to calm these nerves--which surely exist from the moment the session is booked--why not reassure clients before the session, all while reinforcing your brand, creating excitement for the session, and pre-selling your products before the first click of the shutter? Enter WordSmith's {breathe}: the antidote to pre-session client anxiety. 

This beautiful, expertly-written accordion fold card (which may be press printed or e-mailed as a PDF) combines lovely images with common client "fears" to put clients at ease as they await their session date. The brochure presents a series of images (which you may use or, as you'll surely prefer, replace with your own) and wittily composed, easy-to-read blurbs that prove that, despite the unpredictability of children, gorgeous heirloom images will be created at your sessions! 

{breathe} is a set of editable .psd (Photoshop) files and includes 5 panels featuring images and text, 2 panels of more extensive text, and a back panel for your logo and a final, humorous reassurance for the client. All text is ready to go--merely substitute your logo and tweak in any way you like (for instance, replacing "Italy" in the example above with an upscale suburb in your area!) and you'll be ready to send these right away! If you prefer to stay "green," create an e-mailable PDF with the second folder of editable psds included, or create a mini slideshow. 

For a closer look, simply click and zoom on the images to the left.


{breathe} {breathe} {breathe}