{how to sell}

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Wondering how to achieve $2K+ family portrait sales ONLINE?  It is absolutely possible!

This is it--the updated and expanded version of {how to sell}!  One of WordSmith's most popular guides and absolutely the one that inspires the most "thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" e-mails from photographers.  

You will receive:
--The 2009 classic in its entirety. The 60-page, highly-readable {how to sell} PDF details Joyce's proven methods for attaining high sales online and included with your purchase of {how to sell} is a series of templates as well as a peek into Joyce's PickPic and Photocart carts.
--The 2013 update featuring a 40+ page PDF analyzing the tweaks made since the original guide was published, what's stayed the same, experimental strategies, and the profitability (or not) of these changes.
--The 2013 after-the-session booklet. An abridged version of our popular {hello guide}, perfect for handing to clients after each session and guiding your online sale. 

--The videos--also new for 2013.  You'll find four "behind the scenes" screencast videos where we take a quick "tour" of the following areas: the hello guide pre-session PDF (this is a separate product in the WordSmith shop, but pertinent here as I discuss how selling begins from the very first inquiry), the post-session client materials, several real-life recent client galleries and resulting sales, and a website walkthrough.  The videos, all together, total around 59 minutes; woven throughout each you'll find discussion of sales strategies and methods of drawing the perfect client (who is more likely to result in the perfect sale!) to you.
If you are completely happy with your online sales and meet your sales goals 95% of the time, this guide may not be for you. Likewise, if you offer in-person sales exclusively, you may find this guide less useful than some might. If you find, like many in-person ordering proponents, that you must offer online sales at least part of the time (out-of-town clients, mini-sessions, extenuating circumstances, etc.) then you will find this guide pertinent to you. Photographers--regardless of how they sell--who find it difficult to "sell themselves" and hate feeling like a salesman will also love this guide! Joyce's techniques are low-key and refined yet extremely effective, and apply regardless of the dollar amount your target market can afford to spend (i.e. even though Joyce's business is a low-volume, high end boutique business, the information within the guide applies to all business models). 
Please note: the guide does not cover every single selling style or scenario under the sun--that would be impossible! It details Joyce's style with an eye toward being applicable to many circumstances.
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NOTE: If you previously purchased the classic {how to sell} and wish to upgrade, you may do so for $35.  Send me an e-mail to purchase.
{how to sell}


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