more {what to write}

$65.00 USD
Wait a minute. Is this meant to replace the previous {what to write}? I just bought that yesterday. Breathe easily, WordSmith fan! Your prior purchase was not for naught. Instead, more {what to write} has been planned from day one NOT to repeat the information in the original {what to write} guide and instead to complement it, together making a perfect set. In the pages of the more {what to write} 30-page PDF, you'll find a more in-depth look at the most trying moments photographers face when communicating with their clients. In addition to the PDF, you will receive 24 customizable text files (which may be opened in any basic text reader) that will soon become your own eloquent words in client dealings. For a list of the e-mails included and more about the guide, simply click and zoom on the images to the left.

{what to write} + more {what to write} = the perfect pair!
more {what to write}


more {what to write} more {what to write} more {what to write}