{session stories} volume one

$55.00 USD
Who doesn't love going behind the velvet ropes?

The first volume in WordSmith’s {session stories} series gives you a behind-the-scenes look at two Joyce Smith Photography sessions, complete with technical information, critique, the resulting sale, and essential tips and tricks for children and family sessions. Infinitely more than a “posing guide,”{session stories} is a practical yet entertaining exploration of shooting in real world, often less than ideal, situations. The sessions include a one-year-old girl (non family) outdoor session and a family of five (three under six) predominately outdoor session. Future {session stories} volumes will tackle indoor shooting more in depth and a variety of other settings and age combinations. 

Along with your 33-page PDF of session reflections, images, and notes from Joyce, you’ll also receive each of the 58 images from the sessions along with all technical information as printable 5x5 jpgs for stashing in your camera bag or simply browsing the evening before a shoot.

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{session stories} volume one