the {hello} guide

$125.00 USD

Another lovely collaboration between Joyce Smith and Daveen Lindley, the {hello} guide is the one for which WordSmith fans have been clamoring!

Joyce elaborates: "Sending a clearly written, beautifully designed 'studio guide' has been integral to my business from the beginning, even before I had a physical studio! It is my fondest wish that this guide will send your clients a clear message about the value inherent in your services.  Creating value for custom photography--in particular, our own artistic vision and customer service--has never been more important and I know that this guide will be an important component in communicating this value to your prospective clients."

Perfect for sending to new inquiries or to pre-qualified or already-booked clients, depending on your preference, the {hello} guide covers the following areas and more: personalized welcome from you, a "star testimonial" page, a refined-over-the-years FAQ for clients that also covers the sticky "how much?" question gracefully and convincingly, session details for both full and mini sessions (with minis easily removed for those who do not offer them), newborn information, full product line display areas and descriptions, and complete pricing information and collections for both full and mini session offerings.  All 28 pages are customizable and designed to create one cohesive piece that beautifully asserts: "Yes, it is worth it!"

As a WordSmith product, all wording is of course yours to use and is ready to go with just a few tweaks to suit your studio's brand. Included with the 28 pages--which may be transformed into PDF documents suitable for e-mail communication or printed as a soft or hard cover book--is an extras folder of design elements, frame styles, as well as a bonus postcard ready for printing. Not a fan of circle openings for your photos on the cover, for instance? Easily swap them out with the design extras.

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the {hello} guide


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