{the parent whisperer}

$60.00 USD

WordSmith’s {the parent whisperer}

creating beautiful sessions while putting parents at ease 
(and ensuring you’ll see them again!)

client information set + photographer’s handbook for the children and family portrait photographer

WordSmith’s {the parent whisperer} set includes a concise yet informative flat two-sided card that gives your clients the 411 on what to expect during a session; the tone is confident and informed, but never condescending (perish the thought!). 

For those WordSmith clients who employ our {breathe} brochure, this 4x5.5 card fits perfectly with that accordion and can be mailed as a set.  If you’d like to send the parents’ card independently, you’ll find included a folded card design that includes all of the content of the flat card as well as a bonus front cover in the style of {breathe}.  Instructions for creating a PDF if you prefer to e-mail are included.

Best of all, the set includes the first-of-its-kind handbook!  {the parent whisperer} handbook is your 30-page PDF "teacher's manual.”   In it Joyce shares her perspective on guiding parents at children and family portrait sessions and lessons learned during eight years as a full-time professional portrait photographer.  The handbook goes through each of the "rules" the clients receive on their pre-session card, explains the reasoning behind each and, perhaps most importantly, reveals additional strategies to employ during the session when all of your best efforts seem to be foundering.  

Suitable for both those new to photography as well as current professionals who'd love to try new strategies with their clients.

{the parent whisperer}


{the parent whisperer} {the parent whisperer}