{the story} marketing piece

$40.00 USD

Searching for the perfect marketing piece for your current and prospective portrait clients? Looking for a clean, modern design as well as heartfelt, professionally-written copy that's effective but never wince-inducing? 

Enter WordSmith's {the story} marketing piece!

Reinforce your brand, create excitement for future sessions, and pre-sell your products before the first click of the shutter. 

This beautiful accordion fold card design presents a series of portrait images--maternity, newborn, baby, child, and tween--and, mostly importantly, features the WordSmith difference: a stirring, thoughtful message that will have your clients calling to book their first or next session that very day.

Each photo (which you may use or, as you'll surely prefer, replace with your own images) in the card layout includes a text overlay that evokes that particular moment in the story of your client's life.  From 2am snuggles with your five day old to that moment when your child cries out "I can ride a bike!"  Best of all, one panel is entirely text and details how your studio might faithfully document these stories in portrait sessions, ensuring that a single chapter never goes unremembered.  Who wouldn't want their narrative preserved? Imagine an award-winning commercial that makes you tear up yet doesn't make you feel like you've been "had" at the end--this is what your clients will experience when they receive this beautiful card in the mail or an electronic online version.

The details:  {the story} marketing piece is a set of editable .psd (Photoshop) files and includes 6 panels featuring images and text, 1 panel of more extensive text, and a back panel for your logo and a final reiteration of the piece's message. All text is ready to go--merely substitute your logo and tweak in any way you like (but you won't need to!) and you'll be ready to send these right away. I print mine in sets of 25 and these are formatted to my lab of choice (included) but will work at any lab that offers a 4x5.5 folded accordion card. If you prefer to stay "green," use these files to create an e-mailable PDF or a mini slideshow. 

For a closer look, simply click and zoom on the images to the left. Like all WordSmith products, your files will be delivered to you instantly via download link once you've purchased.
{the story} marketing piece


{the story} marketing piece {the story} marketing piece {the story} marketing piece