{what to wear}

$75.00 USD
If you've ever heard from your clients, "What do we wear?" or you want to subtly-but-nicely suggest to them "THIS is what you should wear," then the {what to wear} children and families guide is for you. 

The 13 pages of breezily-written, pleasingly formatted text cover what to wear in practically any portrait situation--maternity shoots, newborn sessions, individual children's shots, sibling photos, and the toughest wardrobe challenge of all . . . family shoots! Your client is guided through the traditional rules of dressing for portraits as well as how to bend and maybe break some of those rules. There's also a section on finding one's style and a collection of over 70 website shopping links, categorized by the styles the guide covers.

Are you a "green" studio and do you hate fiddling with unnecessary papers? Then you'll love sending your clients a quick-and-easy PDF {what to wear} guide once they book a session. Do you prefer sending a printed information packet? Then you will love that the guide also comes with a ready-to-print 5x5 trifold (containing the specifics of children/family sessions and an overview of what to wear for portraits in general) and 2 5x5 flat cards which have maternity and newborn info. You can send either a trifold or a flat card depending on what type of session your client books, and you can use the rest of the guide as additional inspiration or, perhaps, send that same client just the shopping links via e-mail. Yet another option is printing the letter-sized guide as a coil-bound proof book at the lab and going over it with clients at a pre-session consultation; or, you could even create JPGs for an online "booklet" in a password-protected section on your website. The options are plentiful! 

All files are sent as editable, layered .psds. They can be used right out of the box after a quick logo change, or can be tweaked by you before you flatten and create your PDF or printed cards.  

The fine print: But what about the photos in the guide? Aren't those all Joyce's? Can I use those too? The answer is this: while certainly you will want to replace Joyce's images with yours as your clients begin to follow the advice in the guide, feel free to use Joyce's images until that time. Joyce kindly requests that Philadelphia photographers do not use her images for obvious reasons. If you prefer, you may (but needn't) also include this notice on the back of your guide: "This clothing guide created for XYZ Photography by WordSmith for Photographers. Copyright 2008 text and images Joyce Smith Photography." This will help explain things to your clients easily--as if you had used stock photos for the guide. 

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{what to wear}


{what to wear} {what to wear}