{what to wear} teens & seniors

$75.00 USD
WordSmith's {what to wear} teens and seniors guide, a collaboration between WordSmith and Daveen Photography, is the perfect pre-session guide to send to your seniors--thoroughly and inspirationally answering the dreaded "but what do I wear?" question forever and helping your clients look their absolute best on session day! 

You'll receive the {what to wear} seniors guide geared toward girls as well as a separate guide (understandably shorter!) for the guys. While much of the text of the two guides is the same, the tone of each guide reflects its audience and the information within is similarly tailored to the reader. You'll receive over 50 layered, customizable .psd files of text and placeholder photos; after any tweaking you may wish to do (though the text is complete as is!) and adding your own photos, you'll have a 35-page "magazine" for girls and a 17-pager for guys. The text is breezily written and easy to read (meaning it WILL be read by your clients!). Simply turn the .psd files into a .pdf (instructions included), attach to a pre-session e-mail or hide in a password-protected spot on your blog or client services site, and voila!--done! Your guide also arrives with a bonus postcard.

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{what to wear} teens & seniors


{what to wear} teens & seniors {what to wear} teens & seniors {what to wear} teens & seniors