{what to write}

$65.00 USD
WordSmith's {what to write}: the perfect words for client communications from "hello" to "until next time!" is undoubtedly our most popular guide and includes the following:

~  a 15-page handbook with tips and tricks to make written communication with clients effective and efficient; included are oft-overlooked, common mistakes as well as an overview of Joyce's communications process from start to finish

~  a suite of 25 e-mails that, with minor customizations, will take you from “hello” to “until next time” with each client and will be used again and again

~  portrait agreement with our "so simple how could they say no?" easily understood website/blog model release; the agreement comes as text to be used in your MachForm or online form set-up (with link to see Joyce's) AND as a 5x7 folded card layered PSD ready to
customize and print if you choose to create a hard copy

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{what to write} + more {what to write} = the perfect pair!

{what to write}


{what to write} {what to write} {what to write}