WordSmith's {remember}

$50.00 USD

Do you want to reach out in a powerful, memorable way to current, past, and prospective clients but find yourself time and time again without the right words, or the time to write the right words?  Say goodbye to the dreadful blinking cursor--once again, WordSmith has done all of the hard work for you!


Our {remember} marketing set is designed to be used in two ways.  First, as a direct mail piece targeting your potential, current, and past clients and second, as an advertising/marketing piece for virtually any other scenario.  Just had a newborn session and want to say "thank you" and remain in the forefront of the family's mind for that six month session?  Send one of the newborn cards.  Has it been about 8 months since you last saw one of your favorite families?  Send a family postcard as a gentle reminder that you'd love to see them again! Been recently contacted by someone who seemed like an excellent potential client and want to follow-up in a way sure to impress?  You get the picture . . . .  : )


What makes these cards different from a generic photo-only marketing piece?  As always, the WordSmith difference is in our professionally-written copy, designed to capture your clients' hearts and keep your studio in the forefront of their minds. The sentiment on the front of the card, the quotations on the back . . . all are designed to engage your client and prevent a quick toss into the recycling bin.


The {remember} set features 12 unique card fronts, 12 postcard backs each with a curated, topical quotation and different writing prompt (we said the hard work was already done!!), and 6 optional marketing backs.  Print these as a 5x7 matte postcard and handwrite your note using the writing prompts.  Or, print them as 5x7 flat cards with blank backs and write a personal note to be tucked into a luxe envelope.  Finally, print a card front with an optional marketing back and use them as impressive supersized business cards, as leave-behinds at your favorite boutique, or as a stack at your next silent auction or fair. 


No matter how you choose to use these cards, you'll be encouraging future bookings and relationship building by setting your business apart from all of those who do not go the extra mile (or who do not do it as eloquently!).

All files are sent as editable, layered .psds (Photoshop files). They can be used right out of the box after you swap your photos and logo for ours, and can be tweaked by you in any number of ways before you flatten and create your printed cards. Lab recommendations and tips are included.




WordSmith's {remember}


WordSmith's {remember} WordSmith's {remember} WordSmith's {remember} WordSmith's {remember}