WordSmith's after the sale questionnaire

$35.00 USD

At one point or another, we've all wondered "how we're doing" in the eyes of our clients. Were they happy with their portrait experience?  Ecstatic?  Did we turn them into raving customer evangelists for our brand?  Or, did we drop the ball in some way--unbeknownst to us--that created potential negative word-of-mouth feedback?  Even when we are lucky enough to have a client tell us how much they love their images, we still might find ourselves wondering how we might improve the overall process.  Likewise, when we're toying with the idea of a new product offering and other revisions, we ask ourselves "how will THIS go over?"  

Enter the post-session client questionnaire--a thoughtful, elegantly-worded survey to find out what you've always wanted to know (but were afraid to ask . . . or couldn't find the right words or way to ask . . . or well, you get the idea!). Our questions are detailed enough so that the data you receive is helpful as you tweak and grow your business, but succinct enough that clients will actually complete them and enjoy the process.

With this questionnaire you'll receive a 4-page starter guide of salient issues and variations of seeking feedback from your clients, a text file of the survey questions as well as "what to say" in an e-mail that invites clients to take the survey, a live link to our very own MachForm questionnaire, and a lovely printable version for those who prefer all things paper.

While this survey is designed to be anonymous, you could easily tweak it if desired.

Also available as part of the {after the sale} bundle.

WordSmith's after the sale questionnaire


WordSmith's after the sale questionnaire