WordSmith's authentic art

$20.00 USD

It's small but effective touches like this one that set us apart from our competition and subtly reaffirm to our clients, "Yes, this photographer was so worth it!"  

Within this set you'll find several options for adding a certificate of authenticity to your finished portrait art.  You may choose from the following included options: 

1) A 3x3 or 4x6 sticker (the latter more detailed)--include this still on the backing paper so that clients may add it to the back of their framed print

2) Two 8 1/2 x 11 certificates of authenticity which can be included as a loose page within your client's portrait delivery packaging.  Of the two letter-sized options, you'll find one which you can customize and print yourself for each client, and another with fill-in-the-blanks options for the pertinent details--have these printed in bulk and simply handwrite to personalize.  

3) Bonus 3x3 packaging sticker that I use on the outside shipping box of all portrait orders.

Please note that you'll find two text versions here--both a more "formal" and a more casual approach.

Also available as part of the {after the sale} bundle.

WordSmith's authentic art