WordSmith's digital portrait care and release

$35.00 USD

Hoping to add polish to your digital portrait delivery and inform clients?

Finally, a document that covers your bases but lacks the "accusatory" tone that so many digital releases seem to acquire along the way; moreover, including this elegantly phrased and artfully presented information with your client's disk of digital portraits will reaffirm their value as custom artwork and a product that's leagues beyond "just the files." 

Within our digital portrait care set you'll find thorough yet succinct guidelines for your clients in a flexible, customizable layout.  The information is presented in two different formats so that you may choose the one that best meets your particular needs:

1) A 5x5 trifold document, front and back, that includes all of the digital portrait care information, a release that grants reprinting rights to your client, and a thank you message and space for you to write a personalized note (or simply sign your name) to each client.  

2) A 5x5 vertical folded card that may be used instead of the trifold.  This has all of the digital portrait care and release information but does NOT have the thank you note.  For instance, if you have sold both digital files and prints to a single client and wish to include WordSmtih's printed portraits care information as well, you'd want to print the 5x5 folded cards from each set rather than the trifold  and then print the standalone thank you cards separately (so the thank you portion is not repeated). More options--they're a good thing!

3) Two 5x5 flat thank you cards with alternate backing papers for ultimate flexibility.

4) Our thank you card tips file . . . check here to find a perfect list of sentiments to write on your thank you cards.  Writer's block no more!

As with all WordSmith products, this set is completely customizable.  Colors may be easily tweaked, patterned paper layers may be turned off in favor of a simpler solid color layer, and all text can be edited to suit your studio.  

Also available as part of the {after the sale} bundle.

WordSmith's digital portrait care and release


WordSmith's digital portrait care and release WordSmith's digital portrait care and release