year-in-review slideshows booster pack

$30.00 USD


A fabulous slideshow-o-matic system that will have your clients thanking 
YOU (and maybe pulling out a few tissues) as the year begins!
You will receive:
~ Two complete beautifully-written slideshows comprised of nearly seventy lines of text suitable for family, baby, and children photographers. The tone is witty and sentimental but eschews cliche; you’ll simply combine these with your own images from the year to create the ultimate memorable thank you gift for your clients (and it’s economical and green to boot!). Accolades for you surely follow. All slides and design elements are layered and able to be tweaked should you so desire.
~ PDF “cheat sheet” of each slideshow to guide you as you select images that work well with the preceding line of text.  These are formulated to use images that the typical children’s photographer would have on hand.
~ Online access to one of Joyce’s slideshows with images, as it was sent to 
clients, to illustrate the concept more clearly.
~ Two notes from Joyce detailing how these slideshows have been helpful to her business and everything you need to know to create them with ease for your own clients.
While these slideshows are wonderful at any time of year, we especially recommend sending them to clients during the first week of each new year. Once again, I create one slideshow each year,  comprised of all of the different clients from the year (well, all who signed model releases anyway!). The single finished slideshow is then sent to all clients. They love waiting to see where their photo will appear!
The slideshow text slides are compatible with Photoshop 7 and higher as well as Photoshop Elements. Please note that you will need a slideshow program to create the final result for your clients; in a pinch, a private client proofing area on your website would also work.
***Please note that these slideshows are a great addition to the 4-pack you may have purchased last year or, if you are new to WordSmith, can be used on their own!***
year-in-review slideshows booster pack


year-in-review slideshows booster pack year-in-review slideshows booster pack year-in-review slideshows booster pack